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Array LD-V 2x2 assyOther LED Products

We manufacture and distribute a range of complimentary LED products that allow design and manufacture of complete lighting systems.

We supply Sharp MegaZeni or TigerZeni LEDs built in to our own LUMOTRIX Lumoclip and LEDisk products. We are not a Sharp LED distributor and will not supply you Sharp LEDs on their own. If you wish to source the Sharp LEDs yourself, we will be happy to manufacture them into our Lumoclip or LEDisk LED holder products. Alternatively if you have Sharp MiniZeni, Bridgelux V6 or V8, Citizen L020 or L030, or Cree 1507 /Cree 1512 or Cree 2520 /Cree 2530, we can offer you an Optosource LED holder to fit.

Optosource offer a range of reflectors to suit their own holders as well as fitting Lumoclip and LEDisk.  Also Optosource offer reflectors that fit directly on Bridgelux Vero 10, Vero13 and Vero 18 LEDs.

All LEDs require a constant current LED power supply.  We offer two Meanwell power supplies at 40 watt and 60 watt nominal outputs.  They have a variable output.  They are waterproof.

LEDs require adequate heat sinks.  Our own custom sheet metalwork manufactured by Lincoln Binns Ltd on their cnc punch.  It can provide an adequate heat sink in the case of a street light of 5000 lumens output.  Alternatively our customers can source chunky aluminium extruded heatsinks or in the case of Sharp LEDs  they can specify our LEDengine which has an active heat sink – i.e.with a fan.

Our experience shows that the type of heat transfer compound used on the back of the ceramic of a COB LED is critical.  Ours has some special properties, so do not use anything else.

We also offer some standard metal work, connection circuit boards and other LED accessories to allow customers to assemble LED lighting solutions.

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