Osram reflectors

Lumotrix distribute Osram reflectors made by Optosource.

Optosource make reflectors for the Soleriq E series of Osram LEDs as follows: E30 and E45.  Osram reflectors for Soleriq P and S series are not currently supported.  These LEDs are large diameter 25mm and 30mm nominal hence the reflectors are the largest made by Optosource.

To use the table below – look down to the LED you want and choose a reflector.  Look across to see if the reflector needs a holder. Note down the Lumotrix part numbers and go to the following links for the LED reflector prices and datasheets.

LED reflector price list – GB Pounds

LED reflector price list – Euro

LED reflector price list – US Dollar


Table of reflectors for each Osram LED

LED Lumotrix reflector Stock code Angle(º) Nominal Diameter mm Height mm Aperture dia mm Fixed with pips or tabs clear dust cover Holder for LED Stock Code Optosource reflector stock code reflector marking
Osram E30 CO11018-C1C 18 110 66.4 26 no yes No CO11018-C1C-4030 CO11018
Osram E30 CO11028-C1C 28 110 66.4 26 no yes No CO11028-C1C-4030 CO11028
Osram E30 CO11038-C1C 40 110 66.4 26 no yes No CO11038-C1C-4030 CO11038
Osram E45 BC11018-C1C 26 110 66.4 35.5 no yes No BC11018-C1C-RS50 BC11018
Osram E45 BC11028-C1C 32 110 66.4 35.5 no yes No BC11028-C1C-RS50 BC11028
Osram E45 BC11040-C1C 40 110 66.4 35.5 no yes No BC11040-C1C-RS50 BC11040

List of LED manufacturers supported:

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