Optosource LED holders

Optosource LED holders

Optosource LED holder

Optosource LED holder has holes over the LED solder pads

Lumotrix distributes Optosource LED holders and reflectors.  The primary purpose of Optosource LED holders is to allow an Optosource reflector to be fitted to a LED.

The Optosource holder provides a frame around the LED.  It has location holes for matching pips on the reflectors and screw holes to fix the LED to a heatsink.  Responsibility for fixing wires to the LED and providing heatsinking are left with the customer.  We recommend Lumotrix HG1 heatsink grease for all COB LEDs like this. Some LEDs do not require holders, because they have mounting holes and location holes for reflector pips.  We supply Optosource reflectors that fit directly on the following LEDs:

Bridgelux  Vero 10, Vero 13, Vero 18.  These LEDs do not need holders.


We have Optosource holders for:                                           Part No:

Bridgelux V6, Bridgelux V8                                                  BRHV068-PA

Bridgelux V10                                                                           BRHV010-P

Bridgelux V15                                                                           BRHV015-P

Cree CXA1507, Cree CXA1512                                                CRH1507-P

Cree CXA2520, Cree CXA2530                                               CRH2520-P

Citizen CLL020                                                                         CIHL020-P

Citizen CLL030, CLL032                                                         CIHL030-P

Sharp MiniZeni                                                                      SHHL-MINI

Sharp MegaZeni                                                                    SHHL-MEGA


We also have a Lumotrix holder for Sharp MegaZENI and TigerZENI called Lumoclip.