Lumoclip LED clip

LED clip

 Lumoclip is a LED clip for Sharp Megazeni and TigerZeni LEDs


MegaZeni Lumoclip

Our Lumoclip, a LED clip, uses a Sharp Zenigata LED in Chip on board (COB) format.  The COB format uses an ceramic plate 1mm thick to physically support the LED chips. It also removes heat rapidly from the immediate area under the chips and offers solder pad electrical connections.  There can be hundreds of small LED chips in an area less than 20mm across and this allows massive concentration of light output.  Indeed Sharp MegaZeni LEDs are some of the most powerful available with more than 5000 lumens being available from a light emitting surface of only 19mm diameter. The Lumoclip has wires which attach to the solder pads and a flat fronted plastic clip which is used to fix the LED to an aluminium heatsink and provide support for the wires.  The flat front allows compatibility with reflectors from decent companies such as Jordan and Ledil – in some cases they may have small locating pips on the bottom, which can be removed- and also we offer reflectors from our very own Optosource.  These have location pips on the bottom, which will fit in the holes on the Lumoclip to centre the reflector over the light emitting surface.



The benefits of the Lumoclip are as follows:

  • It provides a way of fixing the LED to a surface using screws.
  • It provides wire connections to the LED, which avoids end users making the tricky solder pad connections themselves.
  • It provides a flat, low profile surface for attachment of a third party reflector.  It provides location for our own Optosource reflectors.
  • It uses high power Sharp LEDs.

See the Lumotrix Lumoclip datasheet here.   Also, we now stock LED holders from Optosource for Bridgelux, Citizen, Cree and Sharp.  Contact us for more information.