Light machine

LEDengine is the LUMOTRIX solution to removal of heat from a Sharp MegaZeni LED. It uses a small finned heat-sink to support the LED which is mounted in a Lumoclip.  There is a fan mounted on the back of the heat-sink. Also, there is a circuit board to manage the interconnects to the fan and LED, and to receive power from an external power source. The external power source must be a constant current type, most of which is fed directly to the LED.  A very small part is used to power the fan.  The speed of the fan is controlled by the circuit according to the temperature of the LED which is measured via a NTC thermistor.

The LEDengine can be fitted with reflectors in diameters 50mm, 62mm and 75mm.  The list of Optosource reflectors for Sharp LEDs is here.

The use of a fan allows the heatsink to be very small.  A 50W (5000 lumen) LED normally requires a heatsink weighing more than 0.5kg.  This is very large and is difficult to build into a small luminaire.  The heatsink on the LEDengine weighs 50g.

LEDengines are designed for mounting using the T-slots incorporated in the heat-sink extrusion or via the LEDisk heat spreader plate at the front.  LEDengines can be mounted in arrays. Lumotrix sells several types of array plates as accessories or the user can design their own.  Lumotrix offers two constant current waterproof LED power supplies which also feature a programmable current output via the Softstart module.  This allows users to program a particular light output. The Lumotrix LEDengine data sheet is here.  The link to the power supplies is here.



LEDengine rear view showing fan and pcb

Lumotrix LEDengine rear view

LEDengine front view showing Sharp MegaZeni LED

Lumotrix LEDengine front view