LED reflector family QR06215-C1C

LUMOTRIX distributes Optosource LEDs

62mm LED reflector family for 18mm LEDs

62mm LED reflector for Cree CXA2520 & 2530, Sharp MegaZeni and Citizen CLL030Reflectors for:

LED 1: Bridgelux ES RA        needs  LED holder: no

LED 2: Citizen CLL030          needs  LED holder: CIHL030-P

LED 3: Cree CXA2520            needs  LED holder: CRH2520-P

(Also Cree CXA2530, CXA2540 – same size higher power)

LED 4: Sharp MegaZeni         needs  LED holder: SHHMEGA-P or Lumoclip

LED 5: Sharp TigerZeni         needs  LED holder: Lumoclip


Reflectors in the family:

Beam Angle 16 degrees: QR06215-C1C  (Optosource Stock code: QR06215-CIC-BESQ.    Does this Optosource stock code include a LED holder? No)

Beam Angle 30 degrees: QR06230-C1C  (Optosource Stock code: QR06230-CIC-BESQ.    Does this Optosource stock code include a LED holder? No)

Beam Angle 16 degrees: QR06215-H1C  (same reflector as QR06215-C1C but in high temperature plastic)

Beam Angle 30 degrees: QR06230-H1C  (same reflector as QR06230-C1C but in high temperature plastic)

Diameter: 62mm

Height: 42.6mm

Aperture diameter for LED: 18.1mm

Clear polycarbonate dust cover across the front: yes

Family Datasheet: QR062 15 30 -C1C-F-BESQ

CAD file: ask

This family of LEDs is manufactured in a standard temperature version and a special high temperature version to meet Lumotrix requirements.  Lumotrix uses high power, high quality Sharp MegaZeni LEDs for its LEDengines and Lumoclip LED holder.  Originally MegaZeni LEDs were 15 Watts, now they are 50 Watts.  If there is no airflow round the outside of the reflector because, for example, it is in a sealed luminaire, then a 25W MegaZeni is OK with the standard temperature range, but a 35 Watt requires the high temperature plastic.  You should also consider that Cree CXA2530 is 30W and CXA2540 is 40W so they should be used with the high temperature reflectors.  This advice is offered in good faith, but you must do your own testing for your own specific circumstances.

The QR05025-C1C family is also available in the high temperature plastic and fits the same LEDs.