LED Power Supplies

Constant voltage and constant current power supplies

LED Power Supplies

LED Power SupplyWe offer two Mean Well power supplies to cover the range up to 40W and up to 60W. They are waterproof IP67.

The 40 watt supply is called LPF-40D-42.  The 60 watt supply is called LPF-60D-54. These supplies have a variable output current.  This means a range of applications can be covered by one supply.

The maximum voltage of the 40 watt supply is 42V which means it will drive Sharp MegaZeni LEDs up to 35W which require 40V.  Maximum current is 960mA.

The maximum voltage of the 60 watt supply is 54V which means it will drive 50W Sharp MegaZeni LEDs which require 50V .  Maximum current is 1120mA.

These power supplies are perfect for other brands of LED as well.

These supplies are optionally offered with the LUMOTRIX Softstart circuit.  This tiny board is pre-soldered to the Mean Well power supply.  It offers a pair of solder pads to which you can solder your LED wires.  This is much easier than soldering wires to the Mean Well output wires – which are very thick.  It offers a range of resistors which allow you to control the output current as a percentage of the nominal current and it offers a variable switch -on time.  This reduces thermal shock in the LED and increases LED life.  The shortest time is 8 seconds.  After about 2 seconds it is impossible to see that the LED is still getting brighter, so effectively this is virtually instantaneous.  At the slowest we have a 30 minute soft start.  This is perfect for energy saving in street lights, which can afford to get brighter as the sky gets darker.