LED Holders

Two brands of LED holder

Lumotrix Lumoclip and Optosource LED holders

LED holders are plastic frames that provide fixing holes to locate a COB LED on a heat-sink surface and provide location for a reflector to direct the light output of the LED.  There can be hundreds of small LED chips in an area less than 20mm across and this allows massive concentration of light output.  The COB format uses an ceramic plate 1mm thick to physically support the LED chips. It also removes heat rapidly from the immediate area under the chips and offers solder pad electrical connections.    All the LED holders we offer can be used with Optosource reflectors which we distribute.  We have LED holders of our own design and manufacture for Sharp MegaZeni and TigerZeni LEDs called Lumoclip .  Lumoclip LED Holder for Sharp MegaZeni LED  Sharp MegaZeni LEDs are some of the most powerful available with more than 5000 lumens being available from a light emitting surface of only 18mm diameter.  Sharp TigerZeni LEDs have two circuits in one light emitting surface.  One has a colour temperature of 5700K and the other has a colour temperature of 2700K.  By varying the current ratio between the two circuits any intermediate colour temperature can be acheived.  There are four connections to the TigerZeni instead of two.  This means a special LED holder with four connections is required.  Lumotrix Lumoclip has two or four connections.  We offer Optosource LED holders for Bridgelux, Cree and Citizen LEDs and Sharp MiniZeni LEDs.
The difference between the Lumoclip and Optosource LED holders is that Lumoclip comes with a fitted LED with pre-soldered wires.  With Optosource holders, the user must solder their own wires.  Also Lumoclip can be supplied mounted on a LEDisk heat spreader plate.  This gives a robust method of mounting the LED and provides consistent heat-sinking.